3-day programme on (Self)leadership: (RE-)ROOT to (RE-)ROUTE

Horses are prey animals. Animals of flight. And yet that does not make them fearful creatures who live from continuous fear. In a world full of challenges, they stand firm, ever alert to their environment and how they can provide for their safety. The choice of their direction is determined by ‘where to go’. When they flee from imminent danger, their focus in the first few meters is of course on the danger they want to get away from. Then their attention switches to where it is safe. Solution focused by nature.

Firmly anchored in the reality of the Here and Now, making the choices that are needed to achieve a desired future – together, and then taking effective steps to achieve that: isn’t that what (self)leadership is all about?

In a three-day programme, I will take you on this journey, together with the horses. What you can expect:

  • Background info
  • Integration of useful leadership models
  • Experiencial exercises
  • Working with the horses (from the ground: there is no riding)
  • Reflection
  • Simulations
  • Continuous translation of insights gained to your own work context


  • Dutch-language programme: 23+24+25 August 2023
  • English-language programme: 13+14+15 September 2023

Location: domain Equoia

For further practical info: mail me at wendyvandenbulck@equoia.org 

Core essences of the programme

Day 1:

A herd is a whole of powerful individuals, who each make their own choices, use their own qualities, create their own place.

Taking care of yourself in an authentic way, thereby strengthening the context is an important leadership quality. Learn from and with the horses how to:

  • get clarity about who you want to be as a leader, and really stand up for that
  • adopt a solution focused mindset
  • discover and use your strengths

Day 2:

Horses communicate in an unmistakably clear way. No action-reaction, but genuine inter-action.

Learn from and with them how to:

  • get your messages unambiguously clear … for yourself
  • clearly communicate those clear messages
  • ensure that your messages come across as you intend them to

Day 3:

A herd is much more than the sum of the number of individuals that it consist of. The key is Connective Clarity: a healthy, working balance between connection and direction. Horses master this.

Learn from and with horses how to:

  • handle situations proactively rather than reactively
  • turn a group/team into a powerful herd
  • install an open feedback culture

Planned Activities

Datum/Tijd type Evenement
13/09/2023 - 15/09/2023
09:00 - 17:00
3-day programme: (Self)leadership: (Re-)Root to (Re-)Route
Domain Equoia, Balen Antwerpen