How Obvious is Self-Evidence?

ORGANISATIES---evidenties-small“But that’s obvious, isn’t it?”

“It should be possible!”

“That’s just the way things go”

“Well, I’ve clearly mentioned it!”…

When starting from self-evidence, you see your perspective as the (only possible) reality.

However, everybody has his own frame of reference. No perspective is good nor bad, there are only differences. Exploring these differences with a mindset of  amazement brings about clarity, openness, broadening the horizon and space for alternatives: “If I said something and it hasn’t been heard, I might not have been clear enough… How can I make the chance as high as possible that my message will be heard?”

What often makes this so difficult? Amongst people, a ‘we’ often consists of I and you (“Am I right or are you?”), amongst horses (herd animals) togetherness is a ‘we’ to which each individual adds his / her own nuances…



Widening own frame of mind, dealing with differences, tuning, empathy, space for creativity and alternatives.