Team Dynamics: Dynamic Balance

HOME alternatief grote foto 1A natural herd of horses is an epitome of efficient cooperation. Each individual plays a part in taking care of the safety of the herd, thus creating a kind of distributed leadership. Leadership functions might be situational in the sense that different individuals would take on the lead in certain contexts, depending on their qualities.

An alert and agile team needs a dynamic balance to be able to deal with ever present challenge and to grow through them. A common example of such a challenge is that more and more people work remotely (e.g. home nursing, dispersed teams, working from home, large scale organisations,…).

Some core topics:

  • Building blocks of powerful teams
  • Creating a shared dream with your team and translating that dream into common goals and results
  • Bringing team members to take up ownership
  • Creating clarity regarding mutual expectations about tasks, roles and responsibilities
  • Getting to a culture of open communication
  • Making sound agreements and having them lived up to
  • Keeping your team alert
  • Creating circumstances that feed motivation (of yourself and of others)

Maximum number of participants: 10
Price: 198€ (excl. 21% VAT) healthy lunch and coffee / tea / water included
Starts at 10.00 and ends  at 17.00

This workshop can be designed made-to-measure to live up to specific needs of your team / organization.