Hey Sessions – Be inspired by solution focused, natural horse behaviour

As from January 2021, I am organizing a series of “Hey sessions” to introduce and explore how you can become more resilient.

“Hey, sessions”? Yes, inspired by the following pun: “A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey!”. The horse says, “You read my mind, buddy”.

We will create a bar scene during these 1-hour online group conversations: grab a drink, make yourself comfortable, prepare to meet old friends, make new ones and talk about different topics (1 per session). We will illustrate each topic with a short video on natural horse behaviour. The topics you will learn about and discuss include:

  • Turn chaos into overview (Attention 360°)
  • Be more decisive (Direction)
  • Influence effectively (Powerful invitations)
  • Tackle difficult conversations with confidence (Thoroughness)
  • Resolve conflicts confidently (assertiveness in interaction)
  • Turn ‘irritating’ people into ‘interesting’ people
  • Give and receive messages with clarity
  • Say ‘No’ in a way people accept it
  • Explore different ways to connect

Your gains:

  • Be a more effective, confident and resilient person
  • Get closer to your nature by getting insights from nature
  • Have enjoyable & interesting conversations on useful topics
  • Exchange experiences and learn from each other in a cheerful setting


22,5€ (including Eventbrite booking cost) per session


You find the Eventbrite link per session on the event page

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