Constellation work including horses as representatives

MENSEN---systeemopstellingenAs from 2012 systemic constellation work is done on a regular base, organized in a professional and inspiring way by Hendrik Rebry. Constellation work is a fast and intense process to gain insight in the dynamics of a system (family, organization, society,…).

The horses act as representatives, representing resources. By being who they are, they do what they do: in every here and now, a horse mirrors your qualities and your pitfalls. The added value of horses in constellation work is beyond descripition: they clarify underlying dynamics, they put things (and people) on the right place, they heal what can be healed and all of this they do in a no-nonsense way.


Participation with a topic to be dealt with (max. 4): 125 € / person

Participation as a representative (max 8): 50 € / person

A delicious lunch is included


Planned Activities

Datum/Tijd type Evenement
13/09/2023 - 15/09/2023
09:00 - 17:00
3-day programme: (Self)leadership: (Re-)Root to (Re-)Route
Domain Equoia, Balen Antwerpen