wendy-vandenbulck-equoiaWendy Van den Bulck (°1974)

Horses have always been a passion, since I was a child. However, I’ve walked a long path to arrive at getting into contact with the real nature of horses and how we can learn from them. A horse trek in the French Pyrenees (in 2002) was a key moment: in actually living together with the horses I finally found what intuitively I had always linked with them: contact, togetherness, trust, authenticity, respect, clarity, peace… The search for where I could find those qualities somewhere closer to home brought me to Terra Natura in the Netherlands, where I started a training with Pieter Baalbergen in 2004. After Pieter’s death in 2006 I continued to give direction to this organisation for a couple of years, together with some colleagues. With Equoia I am now walking my own path.

Working with people is another thing I’ve always been attracted to. It fascinates me to bring about something in people. At first this took shape in leading a musical ensemble, later on when I got my master’s degree in Germanic languages, I was a language teacher for 14 years. Gradually I evolved towards training and coaching, thus finding what I really wanted to do. In 2010 I stopped being a teacher and I became a self-employed trainer and coach. I still work as a freelance consultant, coach and trainer – mainly in academic contexts – for a soulmate-organisation named True Colours (www.truecolours.be).

More and more, horses play a large part in my coaching and training, combining my passion for horses with my passion for working with people. In February 2012 my late husband Kristiaan and I started to develop a centre in which we help people and horses to find their way to use their core power. Working with horses once began as a favourite pastime, it has since become an enriching path that I walk with passion.


Little Clown

Technically speaking he is a toy: a tumbling clown. He is also the symbol of what I want to stir up in people through what I offer with Equoia.

Little Clown shows that, if you are in contact with your own core, circumstances can still have an impact, but you will always feel the urge to stand up again and you just know that this will happen indeed.

At the same time, his cheerfully turning head is a reminder of how important it is to be in contact with the world around you, to have an overview, to have a 360° consciousness of what is – literally and figuratively – surrounding you.

And he makes clear how important it is to keep on hearing the music in your life, in yourself and to keep on loving life with a smile on your face, whatever happens.