True Colours is a “partner in crime” for organizations that have to make important – sometimes difficult – strategic choices; for teams that are willing to strengthen their collaboration; for individuals who are confronted with professional challenges.

Il Faro offers a variety in Solution Focused coaching, training and organization development.

Unicon Solutions is an international executive consultancy firm bringing IT as an enabler to the business.

Praktijk InnerForce aims at tracing physical, mental and emotional blockades. By getting them moving, the self-healing potential can work again. Next to that, unique workshops are organized in which people are challenged to find a deeper contact with the fire of their  inner force.

Chateau Cortils is a haven of peace and nature. Accommodations are attractively furnished and are an ideal place for a weekend off or for a special occasion (for groups up to 45 people). The venue is also available for workshops, retreats and meetings. Surroundings are perfectly fit for finding peace and calm in nature, for walks, for bike rides or for visiting nice cities.

Villa Vigor, the cottage of life energy and power, is a stylish holiday home (for maximum 20 people). Organizations can hire the living room as an inspiring meeting room. This splendid venue is at a 15 minutes’ drive from domain Equoia.

Casa Maran is a charming 4-star B&B in een rural style. Everyting is tuned to a warm welcome, cosiness, relaxation, hospitality and an inspiring device: “Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today”… The hostess is also a barista and a tea sommelier. (20 minutes’ drive to domain Equoia)

Mixette is an online communication agency, with a specialization in creating websites and video reports. They give advice to organizations that want to position themselves online and they make sure that websites are targeted.


Ekibalance aims at bringing horse and humans into balance, physically as well as mentally, in order to reach an equilibrium in living and working together.  (Romeo Vangoethemd: certified horse dentist & Lisbeth Wynants: osteopathy, shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy and classical equitation)

Puur Landelijk: The meadows at Equoia’s are tilled in a biological way, leading to healthy grass (and hay) with rich diversity of grasses and herbs.

Essentie, leven in balans is a film/documentary about a special way of working with horses (this film can be ordered at Equoia’s)

The Art of Horses: inspiring horse portraits