Unencumbered Communication

It is what it is. And what you do with it



  1. What is my message? (What do I choose for?)
  2. How do I state my message as I mean to?
  3. How do I communicate my message to others so they really understand it as I mean to?



What is my message?

1) A conscious use of ATTENTION gives you a wider perspective, to broaden your horizon and constantly notice more possibilities, even if circumstances make you tense.

2) Having a wider perspective enables you to define a DIRECTION and helps you to  make choices you can fully engage with..


How do I state my message as I mean to?

3) Recognizing the difference between POWER and force invites you to tune your behaviour to what circumstances need. By consciously giving direction to your own behaviour you can have impact in a constructive way, hence creating visibility for your message.

4) Through THOROUGHNESS you use this visibility to move away from ‘caution’  and ‘recklessness’. You dare to take small steps by being tuned to what is needed, for yourself and for the other(s), hence creating respect and trust between you.


How do I communicate my message to others so they really understand it?

5) ASSERTIVENESS IN INTER-ACTION is keep on saying ‘Yes’ in an ‘unencumbered’ way as an answer to the question ‘Do you really mean it?”. That question can be asked literally or it can be disguised as obstacle or setback. If you keep your horizon open (Attention), choose consciously (Direction), make these choices visible in a constructive way (Power) and actually take small steps to bring them into the world (Thoroughness), assertiveness becomes effortless and constructive: You become meaningful through authentic self care.


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