Consultancy, training and coaching on the effect of authentic, solution focused leadership that establishes a dynamic balance on the work floor. Our way of working is inspired by the high-performance structure within natural herds of horses.

A herd of horses is so much more than just a collection of horses. Within the herd there’s a harmonious structure of individuals that gets formed in an authentic way, each individual performing autonomously within the dynamics of the herd.

This phenomenon has inspired Equoia to have a solution focused and innovative look at the set-up, the management and the functioning of teams and organisations. Connective Clarity hereby is the key in creating alert and agile teams and organisations.

You can find more background information in my book “Connective Clarity. When Horses Invite You to Take up Authentic, Solution Focused Leadership”.

We do team coaching and inidvidual coaching, for managers and for co-workers. Every programme is made-to-measure: more info on demand.


For our team coachings we work together with True Colours, this guarantees a professional implementation of what is brought about in the sessions with the horses.

We provide the opportunity to have professional pictures taken by Hans Stockmans of

All our programmes are made-to-measure, below you find some topics we regularly work on:

Core Module Connective Clarity

The hierarchy within a natural herd of horses shows us the core elements of authentic leadership, hence creating a lot of space for cooperation, creativity and own initiative.

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Playing the Right Part

We can learn from horses how to better guard the balance between work life and private life. Horses teach us how to take care of our own energy, how to become aware of the different parts you have to play and hence to do what is needed (and to let go of what is not).

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How Obvious is Self-Evidence?

But that’s obvious, isn’t it? That’s just the way things go. Well, I’ve clearly mentioned it!… When starting from self-evidence is, you see your perspective as the (only possible) reality. A mindset of amazement brings about widening of one’s frame of mind, tuning, empathy and space for creativity.

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Observation and Feedback

Amongst people there’s an (often unconscious) colouring between observation and action due to the own frame of reference: saying what you see can be different from saying what you think you see… Giving words to what you notice in interaction and checking whether what you notice is what the other means, creates space and lays the foundations for constructive open interaction.

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Constructive Confrontations

Horses often seem to get in conflict, but actually they are testing you in every moment. They don’t do this to denigrate you, they do this to check what qualities you dispose of in this moment to be able to take care for joint safety. So, they are continuously testing to gather information.

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Team Dynamics: Dynamic Balance

A natural herd of horses is a a paragon of efficient cooperation. All noses point at the same direction. How do you establish that in organisations, especially when people are sometimes working remotely? Clarity about vision, mission, values and standards are core elements, together with making sound agreements and living up to them.

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