Core Module Connective Clarity

This core module takes you through the main aspects of my book “Connective Clarity. When Horses Invite You to Take up Authentic, Solution Focused Leadership”

Target audience:
You want to improve your leadership by finding answers to the question, “How do I become (more) meaningful?”, in a work context.

How will you benefit from this programme?

  • Have a (more) specific view on your goals and the direction you want to go (with your team, in your organization); you have the courage to take steps in this direction and others join you.
  • Are able to state your messages in a (more) powerful way; you are assertive in a sound way, while respecting the other person; to influence you connect first.
  • Can steer conversations in the desired direction, also in difficult situations (giving corrective feedback, managing conflict, delivering bad news, influencing the dominant behaviour of conversation partners, …).
  • Keep alert and maintain an overview which enables you to stay attuned and act accordingly.
  • Take up your different roles in different contexts in a more resilient way

The programme takes three days, each day starts at 10h00 and ends at 17h00:

day 1: Introduction to the basics of a Solution Focus approach. You become acquainted with Unencumbered Communication:
* What does it involve?
* What do horses teach us about this concept?
* How will you, your team, your organisation benefit from this?

day 2:
The importance of the mindset, “Interesting!” and the five core elements of Connective Clarity:
See options through Attention 360°
* Make choices by defining a Direction
* Become meaningful through Powerful Invitation
* Dare to take small steps as a result of Thoroughness
* Assertiveness in inter-action: Do you really mean it?

day 3:
Implementation: How to make this helpful in your work context? How to make Connective Clarity part of the identity of your team, your organisation and – last but not least – of yourself?

* Before the programme we ask you to fill out a questionnaire to give us a view on your themes and learning needs. This allows us to attune the programme to each specific group of participants.
* During the three days you will get background information, but the focus is on experiential learning. You will do experiential exercises, working with each other and the horses. From this you will get instantaneous feedback about how you can state your messages in a (more) powerful way. You will work with the horses from on the ground, you don’t ride the horses.
* You will link your insights and experiences continously to your own work context to ensure that you can apply them immediately.  A Solution Focused approach is the bedrock of the programme, which will be guided by two coaches. This enables us to work with you as an individual as much as possible, also in larger groups.

Group size:
Up to 10 participants

598 € (excl. 21% VAT). Lunches are included