Courses, workshops and individual sessions working with horses, starting from genuine respect and clear body language.

Being herd animals, horses are instinctively oriented towards having contact. However, there are many different manifestations of contact… Control is one form of contact (“horse has to obey”), conditioning is another one (“horse reacts on learned signals”). With Equoia I work out of another, in my experience very profound kind of contact, namely contact out of authentic, unencumbered  (non-verbal) communication.

The starting point of this kind of contact is the following question: “How can I become meaningful for this horse, in this moment?” The answer to this question differs in every here and now, since no two moments are alike. I don’t want a horse to obey me (by being controlled); I don’t want a horse just to react on what I ask for (by being conditioned); I invite a horse to say ‘yes’ to what I offer him and to join in out of this ‘yes’ (by having established authentic, unencumbered communication). This requires that it doesn’t start with training your horse, it starts from becoming fully aware of what you communicate and of the intention behind your communication: after all, communication always starts within yourself…

Take the challenge: step into the voyage of discovery to find the essence of both the horse and yourself. Your communication and your cooperation will really benefit from this!