Presentation Connective Clarity

During this interactive presentation I highlight the core elements of my book “Connective Clarity. When Horses Invite You to Take up Authentic, Solution Focused Leadership”. I help you find answers to the question, “How do I become (more) meaningful?” (in your work context) by means of background information and experiences.

By the end of this presentation…

  • you have gained insight in what Connective Clarity is and how it can be helpful for you (and for your team / organization)
  • you can start using the basic concepts
  • you are willing to experience this with the horses
  • you are curious to read my very practical book 🙂

duration of the presentation: between 1 hour and 3 hours
price: to be defined. Amongst other things, it depends on whether the organizer also buys books to be offered to the participants

Every presentation is made-to-measure, attuned to the target audience.

Planned Activities