One-day workshop Connective Clarity: START from STOP. Giving direction to challenging situations

What this workshop will bring you

STOP moments bring you into the ‘here and now’, enabling you to do what a situation needs, instead of reactively acting from your interpretations, scenarios, judgements, assumptions, emotions, or not acting at all.

The inspiration: natural horse behaviour

Horses are prey animals, animals of flight in a world full of danger. And yet that does not make them fearful creatures living from continuous fear and stress. In a multitude of challenges, they stand firm, ever alert to their environment and how to ensure their safety within it.

The key? Creating STOP moments.

If something catches a horse’s attention, the horse will stand still and explore the foreign element (object, situation) by observing it from the mindset, “Interesting!”. This ‘exploration moment’ might take only a fraction of a second, and it gives it the necessary information to decide what is needed: flee or stay.

Translation to interactions between people

STOP moments are also essential in situations that challenge you:

  • In dealing with yourself: patterns you keep falling into, effects of your pitfalls, the impact of who you are on what you do,…
  • In dealing with others: giving and receiving feedback, saying no, delivering difficult messages,…

Experience it yourself in a day with background info, experiential exercises and practice with the horses (from the ground, there will be no riding)


Workshops in Dutch:

  • Thursday, September 14th from 10.00-17.00
  • Saturday, December 16th  from 10.00-17.00

Workshops in English:

  • Thursday, August 24th from 10.00-17.00
  • Friday, November 17th 10.00-17.00

Key points of the programme

  • Insights into proactive vs reactive action
  • Introduction to Model of Connective Clarity
  • Practice:
    • START from STOP in working with the horses
    • START from STOP in interaction amongst people


€195 (lunch, coffee, tea, soft drinks)


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Participants’ quotes

🐎 Connection and Clarity: The horse coach course emphasized the importance of clear instructions and establishing connections. Balancing both aspects is crucial for effective (self)leadership. (J. Ruan)
🛑 Stop: Stopping during challenging conversations helps us better understand the perspective of others and respond thoughtfully, which promotes effective communication and collaboration. (J. Ruan)

Framing: the Connective Clarity Model

This day’s theme – START from STOP. Giving Direction to Challenging Situations – is part of the Connective Clarity Model, which captures the essence of what I have learned from the horses about (self)leadership. It is my instrument to help people develop Solution Focused perspectives and strengthen their leadership skills.

Connective Clarity leads to more connection and better results in less time and with less effort as people make themselves responsible for giving and receiving clear messages. It brings more proactivity, visibility & impact in an aligned, Solution Focused way.