Online programme – ‘Resilience through Connective Clarity’

Work in progress… Updates ready by September 2021

The difference this Solution Focused programme can make:

  • For yourself:
    • You give clear messages, and you interact with rather than react to people and events that come across.
    • These behaviours help you deal with setbacks as a tumble clown does when pushed out of balance; you know how to bounce back.
  • In your interaction with others:
    • You make stronger connections and obtain better results in less time and with less effort because you take the responsibility to deliver & receive clear messages and invite others to do the same.


The programme is for everyone who is intrigued by authentic, Solution Focused leadership

  • Leadership within yourself:
    • You want to make clear choices and make them visible
  • Leadership towards others:
    • You want to take others along in the initiatives you  take
    • You have an (in)formal role as a leader

Planned Activities

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