Attention 360° as a Leadership Quality

Alertness is a strong capability of all horses. Actively scanning the environment to check whether the surroundings are safe, is an essential leadership quality. It is about having an overview, sensing opportunities and estimating what is the most accurate thing to do in that moment.

This is important for human leaders, too: have an overview first, see the opportunities, then make a choice and act.

What helps you to keep an overview? Also in situations that trigger you into focus for too long? How do you invite others to have their attention 360°? What difference does alertness make?

I regularly post a quote out of my book “Connective Clarity. When Horses Invite You to Take up Authentic, Solution Focused Leadership” (available on Amazon and on ) . I am curious to find out what your reflections are, to what actions this might inspire you. Do you join in?


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