The Importance of Checking & Describing

Horses constantly provide clarity in every aspect of their communication. People need conscious actions to get there: CHECKING & DESCRIBING.  Checking (“Do I hear you say that…?”) and describing (“Do I notice some doubt in your answer?”) are critical conditions for good understanding and essential keys for conversation partners when taking responsibility for delivering and receiving clear messages. Checking and describing will turn ‘layers’ of judgements, interpretations, emotions, assumptions and scenarios) into feasible information that is needed to get attuned to your conversation partner(s). This turns them into solution focused actions.

What do you do when a message you get is not completely clear to you? And when the message you give appears to be understood differently from what you intended?

How explicitly do you check for clarity? And how often do you bring in descriptions of (non-)verbal behaviour in your conversations?

I regularly post a quote out of my book “Connective Clarity. When Horses Invite You to Take up Authentic, Solution Focused Leadership” (available on Amazon and on ) . I am curious to find out what your reflections are, to what actions this might inspire you. Do you join in?

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